Learning two other languages as an adult - is it worth it?

If you’re a monolingual with an interest in languages and a smattering of ability in one or a handful of them, you may be interested in a little peek inside the thoughts of someone who’s put in years of slog to passably speak two languages other than their mother tongue.

More Brexit predictions, small-business edition

Until now I haven’t thought there was much I could add to the discourse on Brexit, but now a month has nearly passed, Mrs. May has taken over the Conservative party, and country, and a new cabinet are in place to get the Brexit underway and attempt to resume the running of the ‘United’ Kingdom.

Why an office, after 10 years at home?

If a successful work/life balance is spent working at something you enjoy for fair income, then I’d call the last 10 years at home a success. So why would I disrupt that formula by taking an office in a serviced building?

Making Drupal as fast as it needs to be

This is a rundown of how I sped up a single Drupal site (the one you're reading, as it happens) to handle more traffic than it should ever need to and also to load pages quicker than it ever did before.

5 ways a translator can use their work to grow their business

Not counting the experience earned in the day to day running of a small business, which every translation practice will offer its owner, there are other ways in which you can gain professional experience in business just by virtue of being a translator.

Linguaquote v1 released today

Just a quick post to mark this milestone. The month of July was dedicated to finalising the basic LQ feature-set and to clean the site of any cruft that had accumulated over its several years of development.

We now have:

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