CNN mis-translate Toyota memo - official response [pdf]

If any JP>EN translators would like to weigh in on this, it'd be interesting to hear your thoughts.

CNN’s latest egregiously inaccurate translation, in the very first sentence, 
contains the phrase “sudden unintended acceleration.”  This is simply wrong.  The 
translation of "勝手に” should read "by itself” (as it does in the first translation by CNN) 
or “on its own”…and “発進” should read "starts out.”  The Japanese language for 
“sudden unintended acceleration” is “ 意図せぬ急加速” – there is no reference 
whatsoever to “sudden unintended acceleration” in the original document.  In fact, the 
translator’s own notes accompanying CNN’s latest translation for this paragraph - “I 
added these words based on my understanding of the context” – reinforce the 
speculation surrounding this entire translation.  


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