5 ways a translator can use their work to grow their business

Not counting the experience earned in the day to day running of a small business, which every translation practice will offer its owner, there are other ways in which you can gain professional experience in business just by virtue of being a translator.

Linguaquote v1 released today

Just a quick post to mark this milestone. The month of July was dedicated to finalising the basic LQ feature-set and to clean the site of any cruft that had accumulated over its several years of development.

We now have:

Site status update

Things have been moving quite steadily here at Linguaquote towers. A bit like a canal barge. There are faster ways to reach a destination, but a barge will always get there in the end.

5 ways a professional translator can improve on original texts

It is often assumed that an author's original text will lose feeling, meaning and style in the process of translation. However, when it comes to working with experienced professional translators this is certainly not true. In fact, translations can often be improvements on originals.

Do you have a linguist's ear?

After recently trying this fun language game (link below), which has you guess which language is being spoken from an increasing number of multiple choice options (share your score below!), it reminded me of the varying abilities in people to discern sounds and 'utterances' being spoken.

Freelance translation: a different kind of career path

When it comes to the usual career expectations the focus is on climbing 'the ladder'. This ladder, however, is completely imaginary. It has no top, there's no place to stop, and the satisfaction of being on it only comes from being 'higher' on it than peers.

Rebuild update

Linguaquote's rebuild is not far off completion. This will be the 'major release' of the site which has been iterated on over the last few years, gathering users and interest along the way.

Sharing license

This post is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. We have done this to encourage translations into any language, with a credit link back to the original. Feel free to print and share copies in your business, school or university, or to publish your own translation, and be sure to let us know if you do!

We would like to actively discourage reposting it verbatim, at least not without a canonical link, to show search engines that this is the original post. An alternative way to use the post's information is to use it as a key source for a completely re-written post, still giving credit as per the license. Thanks for your understanding.

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