Is your typing speed above average?

Following a recent typing-test taken at the link below, I logged 89wpm with 0 errors. Keen to know if this was around the average, I followed the FAQ and found, based on some 14 million tests over 41 languages, that it was over twice the average - 42wpm. The Wikipedia article suggests that professional typists often range from 50-80 wpm.

But typing all day for a living doesn't seem to be a pre-requisite for building up speed, as a fellow translator colleague scored in the 50s, while a tech-support friend scored into the 100s consistently (with some errors). With English being his second language.

This, without any flow or context to the words typed must represent a typical base-level. When typing as I think or translate, I'm sure the rate must tip higher into the 100+ range, but then I doubt I sustain that for many minutes/hours of the day.

Technique-wise I have never formally learned to touch-type, I just have a very vivid memory of where all the keys are and as such rarely look at the keyboard when typing. Switching keyboard layouts can throw me way out, especially between French and English, with their subtle differences. I spent a few years on a French keyboard and now am back to an English one it has left a few error-causing memory artefacts.

Try your typing speed and let us know how you do!

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