Microsoft's Surface Tablet - finally a tab for translators?

Today sees the release of Microsoft's first hardware effort, going head to head with Apple's famous iPad. In a move clearly aimed at the business user, this seems to be a tool to supplement rather than replace existing desktop/laptop arrangements.

We are yet to see if the keyboard is robust and ergonomic enough to withstand portable usage in comfort over thousands of words, but with pen-input and the ability to load any software desired into its full Windows 8 operating system (think Nuance's Dragon voice recognition software), we may have a device capable of allowing us to work on the road with a maximum of portability.

Add to this CAT tools, storage devices (via USB) and presumably (based on current tab competition) a battery life far exceeding laptops and netbooks.

Finally, a choice of chipset (processor) will be incidental to most translators, but as a British buyer, going ARM instead of Intel is a nice option to have.

So all in all it seems to be one to keep an eye on; let the tab-battle commence!

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