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Linguaquote's rebuild is not far off completion. This will be the 'major release' of the site which has been iterated on over the last few years, gathering users and interest along the way. Gone are the little-used features (forum, industry news page etc.) and any redundant features (linguist list/linguist search) to further streamline the site's user-friendliness.

In the coming weeks I will be inviting old and new users to sign in and take a look around, receive any feedback and make any further tweaks before inviting translation buyers from around the world to start to work with the registered linguists. That will be an exciting moment, to see the system working away; matching suitably experienced linguists with their ideal clients. Also seeing agencies and freelancers being considered for each project will be a great achievement, as currently it's quite a challenge to compare the two with so many disparate websites and marketing budgets.

If you are reading this, you are already on the rebuilt version of the site, so feel free to have a look around, bearing in mind we are still pre-release. Tell me if there's anything you would like to see done differently; all feedback is considered and appreciated.

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We would like to actively discourage reposting it verbatim, at least not without a canonical link, to show search engines that this is the original post. An alternative way to use the post's information is to use it as a key source for a completely re-written post, still giving credit as per the license. Thanks for your understanding.

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