Release of the Translation Marketing Checklist

A quick post to log the release of our new resource, the 'TMC', available for free from a sidebar near you (look right!).

It sets out, over some 5000 words, how best to coordinate your translation marketing campaign, explaining what to translate and at which stages. It comes with a checklist and resource sheet at the end, and ought to give you plenty to think about if your business is thinking of expanding into new markets, testing export sales landing pages and so on.

It contains a similar amount of information that a day's consulting would provide, if not more, so should give you a fair starting point in your translation campaign efforts.

It is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This means that unlike traditional copyright, you're free to share and re-use the text as you see fit, for educational or commercial purposes, with the only condition that you use the same license when you share it on.

So download your copy and join the translation and localization revolution; start selling into new markets and regions today!

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Sharing license

This post is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. We have done this to encourage translations into any language, with a credit link back to the original. Feel free to print and share copies in your business, school or university, or to publish your own translation, and be sure to let us know if you do!

We would like to actively discourage reposting it verbatim, at least not without a canonical link, to show search engines that this is the original post. An alternative way to use the post's information is to use it as a key source for a completely re-written post, still giving credit as per the license. Thanks for your understanding.

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