Top 10 keyboard shortcuts every translator should know

OK, not the most gripping article, but as full-time text editors, working our way around a text at speed can shave hours off our working days throughout the year.

Here are the basic Windows shortcuts every translator should know:

Word processors and CAT tools:

CTRL+[arrow left/right] - skip words
CTRL+[backspace] - delete last word
SHIFT+CTRL+[arrow] - highlight by word
SHIFT+ALT - change keyboard layout language
Home/End (+SHIFT) - jump to start/end of lines (select lines)
PgUp/PgDn - fast browsing
SHIFT+ENTER / ALT+ENTER (Excel) - new line
CTRL+F - find in page
SHIFT+F3 - toggle upper/sentence/lower cases
WIN+TAB / ALT+TAB - switch window

Know any more? There are of course plenty more for text editing, web-browsing, everyday computer operations, etc. but these would be my top 10 for work productivity.

The link below has many other useful shortcuts for most operating systems.

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