Translator support of SOPA blackout campaign


It's only a small part to play, but redacting this site's logo today will hopefully contribute to the SOPA awareness campaign being carried out by many sites with any kind of audience across the web, from the large to the small.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation have the latest news and information (link below) regarding this anti-piracy law which goes far beyond its intended purpose, threatening to infringe on the very liberties it seeks to protect.
Translators have an interest in keeping the web free for many reasons, not least in order to access all manner of sites for research and handling extracts of copyrighted materials for research or non-commercial use.
If such sites were shut down or removed from search engines, without passing through a complete judicial process, at the request of the copyright holder, a barrier would be raised for our ability to translate information freely between countries and cultures.
Further information on the Wikipedia article.


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