What separates professional translation from bilingual-colleague translation?


Although professional translation providers do share multi-lingualism with our bilingual colleagues, a seasoned professional translator will save as much time and money as hiring any professional would over an enthusiastic friend or colleague, who is no doubt professional at something, but perhaps not everything.

Professionals can quickly access translation memory banks spanning years of work, to quickly translate your text with all the familiarity of someone who has done this many times before.

Formatting will be perfectly retained, the terminology used will be industry-appropriate, the turnaround/delivery time will be as quick as possible (hours/days rather than weeks/months) and the overall quality will read like an original text rather than a jumbled mix of cliches and backwards sentences.

Entrust your translation to a professional, as you do your design and development, and you will see optimal results. Use our sidebar to compare translators' price and expertise in the languages you need.

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