Why an office, after 10 years at home?

If a successful work/life balance is spent working at something you enjoy for fair income, then I’d call the last 10 years at home a success. So why would I disrupt that formula by taking an office in a serviced building? What forces have drawn me here, away from the comforts and company of the family home?

It boils down to a bit of pushing and pulling in my case. Factors pulling me towards the external office space were:

  • A good deal
  • Flexible access
  • Free international calls

This European funded business centre in a charming old Rolls Royce building with gigabit internet, wood-clad boardrooms and all modern conveniences is offered at a very competitive price. Easily covered by a translation job or two. It’s 20 minutes from home, gives occupants 24 hour access and to top it off, offers free international phone calls. So these factors were very much a pulling force when Craig (at Koobr) told me about it.

Then there were the gentle pushing forces:

  • A need to rejuvenate the business after 10 years with a very steady roster of clients
  • A need to give growth a real chance
  • The need to concentrate on that growth exclusively during work hours

After the birth of our son nearly 2 years ago, work was less of a priority than it had been up to that point. I’d also been refocusing the business towards a more direct client-base in the years running up to his arrival. So an opportunity to get out of the house, meet other businesses, get involved in a business community and concentrate on growing things was welcome.

So here I sit! Working on my growth strategy while managing existing work. The lease lasts a year. I’m hoping to be able to report back after that with good results to show for the investment and sacrifices in family time.

Here’s to summer 2017, and here’s to now!

[slurps coffee]

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