Where are all the translation companies?


Translation providers, known as Language Service Providers, or LSPs, to some, are distributed widely around the world. There are some 25,000 of them; most are based in Europe or the US, but many more translation companies can be found in any country.

Translator support of SOPA blackout campaign


It's only a small part to play, but redacting this site's logo today will hopefully contribute to the SOPA awareness campaign being carried out by many sites with any kind of audience across the web, from the large to the small.

A brief history of MT

An interesting article foreseeing the arrival in

"five, perhaps three years hence" of "interlingual meaning conversion by electronic process in important functional areas of several languages"

... in 1954.

Mox creator interview

I like my web-comics - smart ones, of course - and I keep tabs on a few.

The one that covers our industry best, however, is Mox, and you'll find links out to it from the interview below.

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